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ARTISTIQ professional drawing sketch kit 75in1

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Product description


A professional set of sketching utensils, pencils and crayons from the renowned ARTISTIQ brand.

The set contains 75 pieces:

  • 12 graphite pencils (2H / 3H / 4H / 5H / HB / B / 2B / 3B / 4B / 5B / 6B / 8B)
  • 12 watercolour pencils
  • 12 coloured pencils
  • 12 metallic crayons
  • 3 charcoal pencils (soft, medium, hard)
  • 4 pencil pastels
  • 2 whiskers
  • water brush
  • sketchbook A5
  • block of sandpaper
  • double hole sharpener
  • bookbinding knife
  • double-ended pencil extension
  • traditional eraser
  • brush
  • aesthetic logoed case


  • Brand: ARTISTIQ
  • Case colour: BLACK (gold brand logo)
  • Number of items: 75
  • Dimensions of the pencil case: (H/W/D): 30cm x 22cm x 6cm
  • Weight: 0.8kg
  • Suitable for users over 3 years old

The whole set is packaged in a handy black case, allowing you to take the set with you wherever you want in a safe and handy manner.

The case acts as a pencil case in which each item has its own place.


  • Pencils – denoted by numbers or letters, which are usually referred to as degrees of hardness. The letter B stands for soft ones which are suitable for sketching and shading, and the letter H for hard ones which are used for drawing straight lines and details.

  • Pencil crayons – in very vibrant colours. Traditional and METALLIC. Made with natural pigments and an oily binder, so they release colour very easily. Beautiful effects are obtained by applying several layers on top of each other, shading, drawing with different pressure on the ground. The crayons are soft and do not crumble, so they can be used with precision without fear.

  • Watercolour pencils – in vivid colours. They are versatile and can be used wet or dry. They dissolve perfectly in water. The brush in the set allows precise use and blending of watercolours.

  • Accessories – e.g. shadow smudger, charcoal drawing set will enable new and interesting techniques and sandpaper

  • Handy accessories such as a pencil extender, eraser, sharpener, knife and sheets of paper mean that you can start drawing straight away.

  • The pencil extender allows you to use your favourite pencils to the very end

  • Sandpaper for sharpening crayons and pencils.

    Allows precise sharpening of the graphite core in drawing pencils and crayons. Also splits charcoal and dry pastels superbly to produce loose pigment for shading and covering large areas

  • Pencil extender.

    An extremely useful tool to use up any crayon or pencil, thus enjoying your favourite utensils to the very end.

  • Wiszer (wiszor) – a tool used to weaken, soften and smudge the line

    in charcoal or chalk drawing, allowing for a hazy or blurred effect. It is also used to blend colours in colour drawing.

  • ARTISTIQ brand stitcher

    Ideal for sketching and drawing. The fine texture of the paper protects against smudging. The perfect addition to the set, just right for any artist.

  • Watercolour pencils

    Pozwalają na stworzenie pięknych i kolorowych dzieł sztuki. Dzięki różnorodności kolorów i ich intensywności, artyści mogą wyrazić swoją kreatywność i wyczarować niezwykłe akwarelowe kompozycje.

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