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Alcohol Markers Set of 168 ARTISTIQ Touch Cool Pro+

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Product description


Open the door to your artistic journey with a set of 80 double-sided markers to bring your creativity to life! Discover your talents, play with colours and develop your artistic passion to a whole new level!

  • Number of pieces per set: 168
  • Number of marker tips: 2
  • Tip thickness: 3-6 mm / 1-2 mm
  • Ink type: alcoholic

The set additionally comes with a drawing block so you can start your creative adventure right away!

Markery Artistiq
Markery Artistiq


  • Brand: ARTISTIQ
  • Case colour: BLACK (gold brand logo)
  • Number of items: 168
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Suitable for users over 3 years old

The whole set is packaged in a handy black case, allowing you to take the set with you wherever you want in a safe and handy manner.

The case acts as a pencil case in which each item has its own place.

Markery Artistiq

The advantage of Touch Cool Pro+ markers is:

  • Durability – long writing time and a double tip that is extremely resistant to damage.
  • Excellent pigmentation – the markers offer intense, rich colours that will add definition to your drawings.
  • Two tip thicknesses – so you have the ability to create a variety of effects, from broad lines to precise details.
  • Clear tip numbering – marking the thickness of the tips makes it easy to choose the right one for your needs.
  • Aesthetically pleasing storage case – our set is packaged in an elegant case that not only protects the markers, but also adds to their stylish appearance.
  • Perfect for a gift! – if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a drawing enthusiast, our markers are the right choice. They provide unparalleled quality and pleasure in creating artistic masterpieces.
Markery Artistiq
Markery Artistiq
Markery Artistiq
Markery Artistiq

Two abrasion- and delamination-resistant tips

  • The two tips: wide and flat and thin and point, offer enormous creative possibilities.
  • The fibre of the tips does not delaminate or separate, guaranteeing durability and reliability.
  • The nib of the markers has been saturated with ink in a way that ensures even ink distribution without the risk of staining, drying out or spilling. This allows you to focus on creating and enjoy crisp, professional results.

Alcoholic mascara for intense pigmentation

  • Your drawings will be saturated, clear and long-lasting.
  • Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, with Artistiq Touch Cool Pro+ markers you’ll get great results
Markery Artistiq
Markery Artistiq

Easy blending

  • With Artistiq Touch Cool Pro+ markers, colour blending becomes incredibly easy and effective. You can blend colours freely on the specially designed paper for alcohol markers, yet you don’t have to worry about the ink soaking the card.
  • This allows you to create a variety of shades and achieve perfect shading effects, adding more depth and three-dimensionality to your drawings.
  • Discover new artistic possibilities and enjoy professional results with the easy blending of our markers.

Precision and variety

  • Artistiq Touch Cool Pro+ provide not only precision but also an infinite variety of creative possibilities.
  • The colour set has been carefully selected to be applicable to different types of drawing. Whether you are into fashion design, product design, architectural drawing, manga or landscapes, our markers are the perfect tool to express your creativity.
Markery Artistiq

Perfect for a gift!

A set of 168 Artistiq Touch Cool Pro+ markers packaged in an aesthetically pleasing, easy to store case makes our range perfect as a gift! Treat yourself or someone who loves drawing

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