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Manufacturer of high quality art supplies
Our company is a respected manufacturer of high quality art supplies such as markers, crayons, pencils, sketchbooks, paints, ready-made art kits and much more. Offering a diverse selection of colours, sizes and a variety of product lines.
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Create your dreams
We invite you to visit our shop, where you will find a diverse selection of products and art accessories for painting, drawing and sketching.
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Bring colour into your life with high quality ARTISTIQ markers
Discover our range of high quality markers with a wide range of colours. Our markers provide long-lasting colours and make your drawings, notes or projects come to life.
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Mission - To inspire and develop art talent.

Artistiq’s mission is not only to provide a wide range of articles and accessories for drawing, painting or sketching, but also to inspire and develop the artistic talent of our customers. We want to be your partner in your artistic journey, providing you not only with high quality products, but also with inspiration, advice and support. Our website and social media channels contain a wealth of resources in the form of tutorials, articles and tips to help you develop your artistic skills and discover new techniques.

Our products

Check out what we can offer you! Discover the bestsellers and accessories that art lovers have come to love. Many categories and a wide range of products give you the opportunity to find the assortment you need.

Find the perfect products for you

In our shop, we offer three different product categories to suit different levels of experience and expectations. Whatever your level of expertise, with us you will find the perfect products to develop your passion and create unique works of art.

Top quality

Top quality

Discover our collection of top quality products that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding artists. In this section you will find the perfect paints, accessories and art kits that will provide you with unparalleled precision, durability and colour intensity.

For amateurs

For amateurs

Start your artistic journey with our section dedicated to beginners. Here you will find a wide selection of available items to develop your artistic skills. Whether you are new to the art world or looking for new inspiration, you will find the perfect products for you here.

For professionals

For professionals

In this section, we focus on meeting the needs and expectations of professional artists. We offer selected items that meet the highest quality standards and allow you to achieve excellent results. Here you will find professional paints, specialised sketchbooks and innovative tools that will enable you to create art.


Click here to access our wholesale, where you will find attractive prices and flexible terms of cooperation.

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Click here to discover the latest promotions, sales and special offers. Whether you are looking for art products, drawing materials or painting accessories, our range will meet your needs.

Explore the possibilities of ARTISTIQ products

See how artists bring their ideas to life and create amazing works of art using our high quality drawing materials. Each drawing is an expression of creativity and talent, highlighting how our products inspire creative conquests.

Artistic passion - What drives us

At Artistiq, we employ a team of art enthusiasts who are artists themselves. This enables us to understand and meet the needs of our art clients to the fullest. We believe that passion and love for art are integral to the creative process, and so we strive to share this passion with our customers by providing them with high quality products that contribute to their talent and artistic expression.

Latest posts

Go through our collection to keep up to date with the latest techniques, tips and trivia to help you develop your skills and discover new ways to express your art.

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